Terms of service

Terms and Conditions of Monthly Rental Use Agreement

  1. Service Provided. By entering into this Agreement, the Company will provide the Customer with the exclusive use of an empty and clean storage unit (the “Assigned Unit”) starting on the Customer’s selected move-in date (“Move-In Date”).

  1. Communications. The Company relies on the Customer to provide current contact information for emails or text messages that the Customer checks regularly. Customer is responsible for any costs associated with the Customer’s exchange of email and text messages with the Company. 

  1. Care of Premises and Building. The Customer agrees to take good care of all parts of the Premises and Assigned Unit. The Customer shall not block or otherwise obstruct the entrances, exits, hallways, or any other common area of the Premises at any time. For safety reasons, the Customer shall leave the door of the Assigned Unit open at all times when they are inside it, to avoid any risk of accidental confinement. Customer will otherwise take strict care not to allow any exterior or interior doors to be left open so as to admit rain, snow, rodents, etc. The Customer is liable for any damage caused by the Customer or by those who have entered the Premises or Assigned Unit with the Customer’s permission or at the Customer’s invitation.  The Customer shall not store any animals/reptiles, food items or perishable goods, flammable material, explosives or other inherently dangerous material or any goods of which the storage is contrary to Municipal by-laws, the laws of NB. or the laws of Canada.

  1. Condition of Assigned Unit. The Customer will be deemed to have accepted the Assigned Unit on an “as is, where is” basis except where the Customer contacts the Company within 48 hours of the selected Move-In Date to express a concern about the Premises and/or Assigned Unit. The Customer may be expected to provide photos to document issues, and Customer is solely responsible for any data usage charges associated with sending photos by text or email. If the Customer raises a valid within those first 48 hours, the Customer may request a full refund from the Company and the Agreement may be voided.

  1. Possible Restrictions of Access. The Company retains discretion to reasonably restrict access at any point in the future. Should access be restricted for any reason, the Company will notify the Customer by email admin@simplestorage.ca or text message (506) 305-0204. Such notice will be made in advance, where circumstances allow.

  1. Lock Device. The Customer may use their own lock or purchase one from the Company. In future, the Company anticipates it will transition to a smart lock system which requires a smartphone. The Customer understands they will be solely responsible for any damage or loss arising from the use or misuse of the smart lock technology, including if the Customer shares their smartphone device or their passcodes with any other person. 

  1. No Additional Locks. If the Company adopts a smart lock technology, the Customer agrees not to install or secure any additional locking device. If any additional locking device is used, the Company will remove it at the Customer’s expense.

  1. Terms of Payment. The Customer will pay by credit card. Payment for the first month’s period will be processed online during the order flow. Payment will thereafter be charged to the Customer’s credit card on the day of each Renewal Period. The Company retains discretion to adjust the monthly fee at any point in the future. If the fee will change, the Company will notify the Customer in advance by email or text message notification at least 48 hours in advance.

  1. Automatic Renewal. This Agreement will automatically renew every month (the “Renewal Period”) unless the Customer advises the Company in writing of their intent to terminate the Agreement at least 14 days prior to the commencement of a Renewal Period. 

  1. Non-payment of Fees. Where payment becomes forty-five days past due, the Company may enter the Assigned Unit to seize and sell the Customer’s contents at auction in accordance with the New Brunswick Storers’ Lien Act, RSNB 2011, c 225, with the proceeds of sale to be applied to debts owed by the Customer to the Company.

  1. Relocation of Assigned Unit. The Company reserves the right to move the Customer to another storage unit of comparable size, at no expense to the Customer. 

  1. Company’s Right of Entry. Without prior notice to the Customer, the Company may enter the Assigned Unit where it is reasonably believed that a hazardous or nuisance situation exists, or as otherwise required by law. The Company may also enter the Assigned Unit in non-urgent circumstances to perform maintenance or inspections, but will make best efforts to give the Customer 24 hours’ advance notice in such circumstances. 

  1. Assumption of Risk by Customer. The Customer acknowledges that he/she may store their personal property or chattels in the Assigned Unit, and that the decision to do so shall be at the Customer’s sole risk and the Company is not, under any circumstances, responsible or otherwise liable for loss, injury or damage to such personal property or chattels. 

  1. Customer Duty to Notify Company. The Customer must notify the Company immediately upon discovering any issue that could result in any damage, loss or harm whatsoever to the Premises, the Assigned Units, and/or to any user, customer or other invitee who attends the Premises. The Customer also acknowledges that failure to provide such notification to the Company may result in the Customer being denied insurance coverage. The Customer will give notice to the Company by email admin@simplestorage.ca or text message (506) 305-0204. 

  1. Insurance. The Customer acknowledges that it has reviewed the mandatory insurance documentation, which outlines various circumstances that are excluded from insurance coverage.

  1. Optional Additional Insurance. The Customer may purchase optional additional insurance from either the same company which provides the mandatory insurance or from any other insurance provider of the Customer’s choice.

  1. Maximum Value of Personal Property or Chattels. Where the Customer obtains only the minimum mandatory insurance, the Customer agrees that the total value of contents stored by the Customer in the Assigned Unit will not exceed $5,000.00. If the Customer obtains optional additional insurance, the Customer agrees that the total value of contents stored by the Customer in the Assigned Unit will not exceed the total limits of insurance purchased by the Customer. Any potential gaps in insurance coverage purchased are at the Customer’s sole risk.

  1. Claims against Company. The Customer agrees to save and hold harmless and assume or reimburse the Company, its subsidiaries and its assigns for any liability, loss, damage, costs or judgments which may be brought or entered against the Company as a result of the Customer’s use of the Premises and/or the Assigned Unit.  

  1. Compliance of Law. Customer agrees to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and by-laws in its use of the Assigned Unit and shall not use the Premises or Assigned Unit for any illegal activity. 

  1. Termination. During any Renewal Period, this Agreement may be terminated by either the Customer or the Company upon giving a minimum of 14 days’ notice to the other party. Where the Company decides to terminate, it will give notice to the Customer by email or text message used by the Customer in this Agreement. Where the Customer decides to terminate, they may notify the Company by email admin@simplestorage.ca  or text message (506) 305-0204. Upon termination, the Customer will completely vacate the Assigned Unit, leaving it in good and clean condition, and allow the Company to inspect the Assigned Unit to verify its final condition. Failure to comply with the foregoing entitles the Company to clean up and/or repair and/or auction contents of the Assigned Unit and charge any reasonable expenses to the Customer’s account.

  1. Move-Out Process. The Customer will contact the company to schedule a move-out inspection prior to vacating the Premises. At that time, the Customer will provide the Company with photos of the Assigned Unit by email or text message. Customer is solely responsible for any data usage charges associated with sending photos by text or email. The Assigned Unit shall be clean and empty according to the following checklist:

  • Floors swept and/or mopped (as circumstances require);
  • Remove all personal possessions and belongings;
  • No trash shall be left in Assigned Unit and no garbage shall be left outside of the Premises or at the street curb;
  • All locks other than a smart lock device shall be removed (if applicable);
  • Wipe clean any dirt or stains on walls or door; and
  • Advise Company of any damage or issues inside the Assigned Unit.

If the Assigned Unit is not vacant, cleaned and/or free of damage at the time of Customer move-out, the Company may charge a cleaning fee of $175 to Customer’s credit card and/or file a legal suit to recover any costs or expenses associated with returning the Assigned Unit to a clean, vacant and undamaged state. 

  1. Breach of Agreement Terms. If the Customer breaches any of the terms of this Agreement, the Company may immediately suspend the Customer’s access to and use of the Assigned Unit while it investigates any potential breach. If a breach is found to have occurred, the Company may terminate the Agreement with three (3) days’ notice. The Customer will give notice to the Company by email admin@simplestorage.ca or text message (506) 305-0204.  The Customer will vacate as otherwise outlined in clause 21.